The Relation Between the Body and the Soul

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Written by Dr. Nash Popovic

The body can be considered ‘a complex network of resonance and frequency’ (McTaggart, 2000, p.53). All the organelles (cell’s ‘organs’) are rotating and vibrating. Each of them is involved in this ‘musical’ activity of creating rhythmic waves of energy.

Non-material energy consists of wave patterns too, so there are reasonable grounds to believe that, at least in some cases, they can resonate with the waves produced by its material equivalent. In other words, the soul and the body can be considered different forms of energy that are linked via waves. This enables them to work together and influence each other. One curious characteristic of life is that, unlike machines, life cannot be interrupted. For example, a car can be switched off and turned on again much later. Life cannot. A living organism needs constant activity. In principle, this should not be necessary in order to preserve body functioning, and is ineffective from the energy consumption point of view. It is more likely that the constant working of the body is needed to maintain the vibrations that connect the body and the soul.

But how is this connection established in the first place? DNA is particularly important in this respect. DNA produces a wide range of frequencies – creating a ‘composition’ that is unique to every person. Functional genes, though, are not probable candidates for the connection. However, the wave patterns produced by some of the DNA sequences that are sometimes referred to as ‘junk DNA’ (because they do not contribute to protein or RNA production) may be responsible – indeed, the majority of DNA variations are found there. It is likely that not only the body but the soul too has a specific wave pattern, a unique signature. So when a new organism is created, if these signatures are compatible (possibly within a certain range), the waves of the body and the soul get interlocked. Once this connection is established, it remains quite stable. The body is normally connected to the same soul during the entire lifetime. When the body ceases to function and produce waves, that connection is broken.

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