The Aura

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Written by Dr. Nash Popovic

The bio-field refers to a complex organising field that interpenetrates and surrounds the physical body. It may have electromagnetic, thermal and photonic components (bodies emit light, but its intensity is 1000 times lower than the sensitivity of our eyes). The biofield is thought to be engaged in the generation, maintenance, and regulation of biological homodynamics.

There is a long and widespread tradition of belief that the body extends beyond its physical boundaries, in other words, that it has its own field. In Christianity, the term aureole is used for a field surrounding the whole body and halo for the part of it around the head (ohr hamakif – enveloping light, and hila – emanation of light, in Jewish mystical tradition). Biofields are also commonly recognised in the East (e.g. prana, Qi, or energy flows that are associated with chakras). There are some studies indicating that the bio-field can be detected by humans (see, for example, Hunt at al., 1977), but overall, empirical evidence is sparse. This may be the case because such an ability can only work at slower brainwave frequencies which are difficult to sustain in experimental settings, or because those who are capable of seeing the biofield are not interested to engage in these experiments. So, let’s see what conclusions we can draw from applying the inductive-deductive method.

A so-called ‘morphogenetic (form-generating) field’ was postulated in as early as the 1920s by biologist Alexander Gurwitsch, who claimed that the generation and regeneration of organisms is guided by it. In the 1930s, as a result of experimental work, a professor of anatomy at Yale, Harold Burr, proposed (with philosopher F. S. C. Northrop) the existence of a life-field that shapes the organism. After the Second World War, research carried out in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and the US seems to provide support for the existence of an energy field generated by the human body. Furthermore, this field appears to be affected by the mental states of the subjects. All this indicates that this phenomenon should not be simply dismissed, especially considering that it may be necessary to explain some aspects of biological functioning on molecular and cellular levels.

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